Posted by Radical Jew on November 18, 2012

All guns down. All rockets and missiles and planes. All tanks and bombs. All threats. All terror. Terror. Children shiver with it. Ears howl. Explosions in the bone. Skin blazes off. Infant brains splatter. All this rag flesh and stain. Dust wet with harm. That’s all that grows. And hatred. There are no sides but go on and stop. No rights, no obligation, no justice, no righteousness, no security, no revenge, no hope, no freedom, no claim, no victory, no history, no escape but stop. Pull the teeth of your monsters and stop.


  • I don’t know what it will take. Maybe it doesn’t stop until the whole world over there bleeds out. I don’t think hoisting cash boxes into all that fear and hatred and corruption helps anything. In the short run, there’s nothing to do but spill blood or stop. Beyond that, sure, pressure has to be applied. But I don’t know how it is effectively applied without a sense of means for establishing political, economic, and social equity. It’s not about two states, I think, or a two state solution. It’s many states, many corporations, many external governments and religious and internal and external cultural forces with their own implacable agendas–this world or another. Nothing can happen unless all arms are put down. Then what? Take all parties by the shoulder and press them into chairs and keep them there? Impose a solution and make it stick by sanctions that will break their wills? I think there’d be more blood first. I don’t know what’s left. I suppose I’d like to see pressure to bring both narratives out and into the open for all sides and the world–a kind of beginning of a truth and reconciliation policy, with complete openness on the airwaves and internet for all impacted populations. Let it all come out. I don’t think it comes out the way anyone expects. But I want to really want that. Yeah, sure, a pipedream–and I’m only thinking of the this moment, now.

  • I think it would take most of the world to crack down on both sides. But then, I support the two state solution, and Israel would have to at least give back the land it’s taken in just the last 12 years, let Palestinians fish outside the illegal 3 mile limit, etc. I think the US needs to quit subsidizing Israel until they change their policies (we gave them $8.2M a day in 2011–maybe give that to Palestine instead). The worst is all the children who’ve died in the last 12 years: over 120 Israeli kids and over 1,470 Palestinian kids.

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