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Inventions – The New Yorker

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Inventions – The New Yorker.

Stav Shaffir

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Melvin Konner

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I recently read Melvin Konner’s UNSETTLED, AN ANTHROPOLOGY OF THE JEWS, an illuminating thematic approach to the history of Jewish culture. I enjoyed the writing so much I immediately purchased Konner’s more recent THE JEWISH BODY. Today, on the phone with my very dear friend and mentor, Herb Perluck, I discovered Konner and I had Herb in common. We both had the opportunity to learn under this same wonderful man, this teacher who combined intellect and heart in equal doses in the classroom, and whose wonder at what his students were capable of doing was only matched by their desire to live up to the promise he saw in them. Herb taught generations of individuals to be, each one,  the kind of person on whom nothing is lost. I took that to heart, and I try to pay it forward when and how I can.

Konner was an undergraduate when he studied with Herb. Some years later, I was Herb’s graduate student.   And because we both share this continuing connection, I feel a kinship that gives me special pleasure in alerting Radical Jew readers to Konner’s blog and website.

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