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Isaac Babel

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Awakening by Isaac Babel (Tablet)

The Brutal Lyricism of Isaac Babel (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Isaac Babel

Salt by Issac Bable (pdf)


Hannah Arendt

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Hannah Arendt

Big Thinker: Hannah Arendt (The Ethics Center)
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Arendt
About Hannah Arendt (Bard, The Hannah Arendt Center)

Accents, Denise Frohman

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Phil Ochs — The Power and the Glory

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Remembering Phil Ochs

Free Radical – Keith Marks

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The box is big and nearly empty. That’s because its contents — hundreds of CDs, stacks of books and DVDs, and other promotional materials — are scattered about Keith Marks’ two-story Riverside home, both upstairs and down. Archiving the CDs is paramount for Marks as he prepares to donate the entire collection to the Jacksonville […]

Paul Goodman

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Paul Goodman Writing on the Web Paul Goodman on the Nine Kinds of Silence Susan Sontag on Paul Goodman Wikipedia