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Mendel Grossman, Witnessing Eye

on March 10, 2023 with No Comments


Angelo Fortunato Formiggini

on February 10, 2023 with No Comments

Michael Solomonov’s Hummus Recipe

on January 7, 2023 with No Comments
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Isaac Babel

on January 1, 2023 with No Comments

Awakening by Isaac Babel (Tablet) The Brutal Lyricism of Isaac Babel (Los Angeles Review of Books) Salt by Issac Bable (pdf) Wikepedia

Abbie Hoffman Making Gefilte Fish

on December 24, 2022 with No Comments

Red Rodney

on November 3, 2022 with No Comments

Bob Perkins on Trumpeter Red Rodney, an Overlooked Philly Great!

Hannah Arendt

on October 14, 2022 with No Comments

Big Thinker: Hannah Arendt (The Ethics Center)Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: ArendtAbout Hannah Arendt (Bard, The Hannah Arendt Center)

Babi Yar

on September 29, 2022 with No Comments

Radio Free EuropeBabi Yar by Yevgeni Yevtushenko The Smithsonian Holocaust Encyclopedia


on September 10, 2022 with No Comments

WikipediaThe Dread Jewish Pirate, Jean Lafitte (Tablet)

Fayga Ostrower

on August 7, 2022 with No Comments

Jewish Womens Archiver: Fayga Ostrower Instituta Fayga Ostrower

Accents, Denise Frohman

on July 3, 2022 with No Comments

Shalom Dublin

on July 3, 2022 with No Comments

A Stroll the Jewish Dublin The Main Character of Joyce’s Ulysses is Jewish, and That’s No Accident

James Joyce,

on June 16, 2022 with No Comments

Counterpunch: “Fuck Me!” James Joyce’s Jewish-Irish Epic at 100

Hans Richter

on June 1, 2022 with No Comments


Raoul Hausmann

on May 1, 2022 with No Comments

Life and Legacy

“Move” by Alicia Ostriker

on April 1, 2022 with No Comments