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Georges Moustaki

on November 15, 2023 with No Comments

Remembering an Arab Greek Jewish Italian French rebel: Georges Moustaki (Times of Israel)

Georges Moustaki (Wikipedia)

Israel/Palestine Definitions and Timeline

on October 15, 2023 with No Comments

I took most of the following from a BBC Timeline. filling in a little more and adding links to certain definitions. This is not definitive by any means—but it’s better than many of the slanted, time-lines I’ve seen others posting on social media. Who Are the Palestinians? Who Are the Jews? Palestinian Jews Who Are […]

Sarah Knut (née Ariadna Alexandrovna Schletzer; aka Ariadna Aleksandrovna Scriabina)

on September 15, 2023 with No Comments

Ariadna Scriabina

Judah Halevi

on August 18, 2023 with No Comments

Poem “Where Will I Find You” Wikipedia Judah Halevi (Stanford Encyclopedia) Kitab al Khazari More poems by Judah Halevi

Elise Cohen

on July 10, 2023 with No Comments

A Forgotten Female Beatnick (Medium) Beat Poet Elise Cowen’s Time-Traveling Love Letters to Emily Dickinson (Electric Lit) Bio at UPENN

Ya Manat Al Yement-SHIRHAN

on July 10, 2023 with No Comments