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High Fashion Does Not Mean High-Minded

Posted by Radical Jew on June 21, 2012 with 1 Commentas , , ,

via Chief rabbi urges Orthodox leaders: Don’t let Israel recognize Reform, Conservative rabbis – Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper.


Chef Sephardic rabbi Shlomo Amar calls progressive Jews ” the uprooters and destroyers of Judaism who have already wrought horrible destruction upon the People of Israel in the Diaspora…” Nice. Personally, I don’t think progressive Jews should get a dime. But neither should this clown or his cronies. There is a serious disintegration of Klal Yisroel taking place, and people like Amar are a cause of it. The government of Israel would be better off keeping its paws off of religion. Maybe if the chief rabbis were given their walking papers, and the religious parties could finally be dumped because their existence violates a democratic, secular constitution that adequately guarantees the rights of all citizens, including minorities, Israel could really become what it was intended to be: a light of liberty and peace. Oops, excuse me. Israel has no such constitution. This is a problem, don’t you think? For its relationship with Diaspora Jews? For Israeli Arabs and other minorities? For the occupied Palestinian population?


Still, and not excusing anything about Shlomo Amar, I like his clothes.  Snappy. 

Photo by Shlomo Amar