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Jacqueline Du Pré – Bruch: Kol Nidrei

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Don’t Think the World is a Tavern, by I. L. Peretz

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Don’t Think the World Is a Tavern Don’t think the world is a tavern – created For fighting your way, with fists and with nails To the bar, where you gorge and you guzzle, while others Look on, glassy-eyed, from a distance Swooning from hunger, and swallowing spit Drawing their swollen cramped bellies in tighter […]

Leilah Broukhim

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Lets All Pray Naked! | Heeb

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Lets All Pray Naked! | Heeb. So, Rabbi Dov Halbertal thinks women shouldn’t pray at the wall, because this will inevitably lead to the catastrophe of naked praying (Ynet). HEEB points out that this fear runs counter to the prayers of heterosexual boys everywhere. But, to my mind, not just them. I think naked praying […]

Inquisition Teapot

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I got this from grandfather before he died. First used by hidden Jews during the inquisition, it is shaped like a teapot, but contains many secret Judaica pieces. The Hidden Synagogue. – Imgur.

Igal Fedida

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