Lets All Pray Naked! | Heeb

Posted by Radical Jew on July 12, 2013

Lets All Pray Naked! | Heeb.

So, Rabbi Dov Halbertal thinks women shouldn’t pray at the wall, because this will inevitably lead to the catastrophe of naked praying (Ynet). HEEB points out that this fear runs counter to the prayers of heterosexual boys everywhere. But, to my mind, not just them. I think naked praying at the wall is a great idea. Naked praying away from the wall sounds pretty good, too. I’m all for naked in general. Naked dances, naked classes, naked sing-a-longs, naked lunch; you name it. Maybe not naked driving, but most everything else? Not a problem. And prayer in particular. It’s inspiring.  I feel a prayer coming on already.


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