Who’s Yehoodi

Posted by Radical Jew on October 26, 2013

Composed by Bill Seckler and Matt Denis in 1940, the song played off a popular phrase for “the man who isn’t there.” Apparently, the phrase comes from a 1930s Bob Hope radio program when Yehudi Menuhin was guesting. Everytime one of Hope’s jokes fell flat, sidekick Jerry Colonna interjected “Who’s Yehudi.” The phrase stuck with the public.

In this version, the song is performed by Kay Kayser and his band, with singer Lane Truesdale. The date of this recording is 1942. That and the leering stage Jew in the framed picture, make this a little unnerving. The thought of Hoover looking for Jews just when Hitler is doing the same is what I mean. On the one hand. And yet, man, I can’t take my eyes off her ass either. That sideways swish. Damn.

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