Bullshit in the Peace Process #1

Posted by Radical Jew on January 24, 2014

The insistence that Palestinian leaders, or anyone for that matter, recognize Israel’s right to exist is absurd.  It’s a fabricated issue.  It invites “refusals” that are as meaningless as the demand.  Posturing.  Bullshit.  Israel is.  I’m glad it is. And I hope it continues to be until humanity evolves beyond national borders. Now I would like to see peace and equity for Jews and Arabs, the two indigenous people of the area.  Of course, that means untangling the tight weave of lies sewn through the self-serving narratives of both sides.  No mean feat.  Bullshit heaped on bullshit heaped on bullshit. Bullshit from the right; Bullshit from the left.  So why invent more bullshit.  Right to exist, indeed.



“Nobody does Israel any service by proclaiming its ”right to exist.” It is disturbing to find so many people well-disposed to Israel giving currency to this contemptuous formulation.” Abba Eban, from “The Saudi Text“.

“I wish to declare that the Government of Israel will not ask any nation, be it near or far, mighty or small, to recognize our right to exist. The right to exist? It would not enter the mind of any Briton or Frenchman, Belgian or Dutchman, Hungarian or Bulgarian, Russian or American, to request for his people recognition of its right to exist. Their existence per se is their right to exist. The same holds true for Israel.” – Menachem Begin, former Prime Minister of Israel, from his statement to the Knesset upon the presentation of his government.

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